Do We Really Need Another Toy Story Movie Led by Two White Male Toys?

“Fourth time’s the charm,” said no one ever. The trailer for Toy Story 4 just hit the internet and everyone is abuzz, so to speak. But in answer to the question in the headline of this article, “Do We Really Need Another Toy Story Movie Led by Two White Male Toys?” Well, the answer is, sure, it’s fine. The first three Toy Story movies featured Buzz and Woody, so we’re cool with it. And there are plenty of other toys like ones based on potatoes and extinct dinosaurs. I mean, we don’t have a problem with it, but what does the social media platform Twitter think about this since the current news cycles is driven by whatever is trending on Twitter? We predict that by the end of the week other news outlets and prominent Twitter accounts will be asking this very question far more seriously than we have. And we’re certain that there will be intense speculation about new character “Fork” or “Spork” as the, um, this newcomer toy grapples with coming to terms with being a toy rather than a utensil. (However, it’s interesting to note that science concludes that most toys are genderless as they have no genitals.) Read into that what you will. And as a reminder, this is a movie for kids.

Let the internet debate begin! And feel free to comment below.

4 responses to “Do We Really Need Another Toy Story Movie Led by Two White Male Toys?

  1. can we please get off this identity politics from media of race inequality. honestly the behavior of the media in this regard is reminiscent of Nazism

  2. Most people don’t have a problem with a story featuring strong female characters if done correctly. Ellen Ripley, having lost her daughter and being driven by her maternal instinct, going, alone into the alien hive to save Newt: A+, Sarah Conner breaking Dr. Silverman’s arm to escape the psych ward and rescue her son: A+, Wonder Woman deflecting .50 caliber bullets to help soldiers, or her commentary on the violence of mankind: A+.
    Then there’s Admiral Holdo and the terrible writing surrounding her decision-making. Her willingness to create conflict amidst her own people just to prove a point…very stupid.
    There’s also the female Ghostbusters, Oceans 8, a female Doctor Who, etc. Am I sensing a pattern here? Yes. Women are being written to ride on the coattails of what men have already accomplished. What’s “progressive” about that? Perhaps it’s time for the trolls (mostly men, I’m sure) in the movie industry to stop using feminism as a tool to sell tickets, and actually write something of substance. Just a thought.

  3. Yes. Yes we freaking do! Why? Because male or female, we love Toy Story! My family loves this series. I’m so sick of the BS about male leads. Who cares as long as the movie is good? I am a woman by the way and I love Toy Story.

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