Pixels, Porn & Power: Use Me with Julian Shaw & Ceara Lynch

"Consent is the only taboo. As for Ceara’s moral was such a rich area to explore..."

James Gallanders on Acting, Sci-Fi, and Stuttering in Project Ithaca

"...all of a sudden I found my voice like I couldn't read aloud in class, but if I was playing a character then I'd be fine."

Director Josh Howard on The Lavender Scare

"...based on his many years of research, Freedom of Information Act requests, first-person interviews..."

Sujewa Ekanayake: Werewolves, Black & White, Underground

"...a deadpan, slow cinema, minimalist, black & white, NYC art/indie/DIY/underground werewolf noir comedy."

We Have Always Lived In The Castle with Taissa Farmiga and Crispin Glover

"...I want to break down what that feeling is and understand it. Yeah, that's the mathematical side of my brain."

Garrett Wareing: Star of Psychodelic Sci-Fi Thriller Perfect

"I can go on and on and on about movies. That's my love language."

Laura Dern Talks Death Penalty Reform in Trial By Fire

"I am a kid just figuring it out. If you love it, you keep going and you try everything and you hope the story it tells is that you're an actor..."

Otmara Marrero, Sydney Sweeney, Lara Jean Gallagher of Clementine

"...they decided to go in another direction and I was like, 'there's no fucking way, I am the direction.'"

The Wind with Emma Tammi

"It’s really’s a real grind but it’s exhilarating so it feels like a privilege to be able to do it. But it’s a marathon."

Director Michael K. Feinstein Talks Writing and Dating in The Browsing Effect

"...You can come and be there during the casting sessions, and you can watch us shoot it. I’ll show you the edits, and your name will be in the credits."

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