Maureen Fan on Crow: The Legend

" Native American youth were...taught they couldn’t tell stories because they were considered pagan."

An Acting Conversation With Alessandro Nivola

"I’m really interested in exploring as many types of people as I can..."

Duncan Skiles on The Clovehitch Killer

" a lot of passes because the material was too dark or I didn’t have enough cache as a director."

Frederick Wiseman Talks Monrovia, Indiana

"...the scenes and the themes still convey a story. It’s just more subtle..."

Matt Atkinson and Justin Rebelo Riff on Room for Rent

"...indie filmmaking. It's that Fitzcarraldo thing..."

Randy Mack Comes Clean About Laundry Day

"Getting people’s attention has never been more difficult..."

Graham Streeter on I May Regret

"You've got to trust it...If you try to micromanage a movement or an would be in terrible trouble."

Lance Daley & James Frecheville on Black ’47

"...a broken system but also the broken mindset that leads to that...relevant now with Brexit."

Terry Strauss director of …As If They Were Angels

"...its just incredible what human beings are capable of doing from the heart and from a sense of empathy..."

Juan Sebastian Baron Shooting Authentic for Searching

"...had to expend way more energy tracking of charging batteries and GoPro Wi-Fi passwords..."

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