Personal Shopper writer-director Olivier Assayas

"With a lot of movies you’re supposed to forget you’re watching the actress and focus on the character."

Johannes Grenzfurthner is Kinda Nerdy

"Indie filmmaking is almost like committing a heist. You have to be very, very careful."

Original Star Wars Producer Gary Kurtz Speaks

"To go back years later and to change them, I think is probably a wrong philosophy..."

Is David Just a Little Weird? : The David Lynch Interview

"I don’t think about the audience, really. I think about the ideas..."

I Like Spike: A Spike Lee Interview

"I think any artist, that's their role to stimulate and provoke..."

Outside and Alone: Francis Ford Coppola

"If you're a young writer, just steal from who you like."

Talkin’ Mumblecore with Lynn Shelton and Mark Duplass

"It was the perfect combination of just, like, being in the creative nest..."

Speaking of Souls: Writer/Director Sophie Barthes

"I use my dreams quite a lot in my writing process..."

Soul to Soul: A Paul Giamatti Interview

"..a lot of people hand me scripts. But most of them are not very interesting."

Ray Zone: A 3D History Adventure

"3-D will remain permanent in theatrical motion picture exhibition..."