Hectic Knife Director Greg DeLiso

"Finish the movie. Cut ten minutes out of it."

Lauren Greenfield Talks Documentary Generation Wealth

"We ended up cutting for 30 months..."

Elena Beuca Talks to Strangers

"...we can live with anything as long as we know it's temporary." 

Director Leena Pendharkar Gives Birth to 20 Weeks

"...I'm just thinking about the emotions of the story."

Dario van Vree’s Talks Taboos and Tabook

"Making a living as an animator can be rough at the start..."

Domenico Nesci is The Lonely Italian

"The priest was very nice. But the rabbi tore him a new asshole."

Interview with Asshole Director Peter Vack

"Your intentions as the filmmaker may be meaningless when weighed against the response of the audience."

Gook Director Justin Chon

“Because it's black and white, you really focus on the characters.”

Lovely Still: An Interview with Martin Landau

"He reminded me of Tim Burton. He had the same darkness and wonderful craziness..."

Tamlin Hall is “Holden On”

"I had made a promise to Holden’s parents, there will be a film about your son."

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